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Impressive design with successful concept and ideas

Customer Focus

Clients choose us for the simplicity of communication and an understanding of what is necessary to finally receive it.


We strive to be the best engineering office and interior decorator in the region by enhancing the quality of our work

Multi Experience

We present many design ideas for exterior and interior architectural plans with high artistic flair

Expert supervision

We develop an attractive and comfortable space with optimum utilization of all spaces in design and choice of decoration, and furniture.

[ about company ]

Plaza, the leading company in the field of decoration, offers the best interior and exterior designs with the best quality and accuracy standards

With a team of designers and consultants to provide the works in the highest level of quality, we have won important awards in the field of decoration and construction.

  • Best office interior design in Istanbul, 2018
  • CUBE Project, Best House Design List in Dubai, 2017
  • International Industrial Design Award, 2015

We believe that every customer has unique requirements and taste, and in order to support that, our company consists of a team who can understand your ideas and add the best and most creative designs in order to make your dreams come true.

  • Honesty at work
  • Clarity and transparency
  • Take responsibility
  • creativity and innovation
  • High quality services.

In the first quarter of 2011, Plaza Company started implementing decoration projects in Syria and Lebanon. With the promotion of our team of engineers and technicians, our branch in Jordan started business and projects to obtain a higher level of quality and performance.

  • The beginning of our services, 2011
  • Providing decoration and cladding services, 2015
  • Opening of our first branch in Jordan, 2016
  • Expansion and Provision of Engineering Planning and Construction Services, 2017


10 years ago, Plaza Interior Design Group began to develop itself in the field of interior design, implementation, and interior and exterior decoration design for companies and shops, in addition to homes and villas.


interior sketch

All types of buildings are in the planning
And detailed designs for work


3D modeling

Platform showcasing the entire range
For 3D interior modeling



Feasibility study of projects
We study costs to suit our client’s budget to manage their purpose


2d planning

We provide a 2D layout
For a wonderful visualization

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What People Say

"You would never imagine the feeling of seeing the place designed as I had imagined. All thanks to the team at Jabal Company for sticking to the work details"
Client of Company
"Classic kitchen design with dining room is very detailed. One of the best designs I have implemented and I love it very much, the kitchen design was unique"
Client of Company
"Fast implementation of the interior decoration of the apartment is unparalleled, incomparable with a natural machine, designed with professionalism and dedication to work We thank your efforts"
Client of Company